About Adoublem

(pronounced “A” double “m”)

The name is a play on Anita’s initials, Anita Maggio Mazurek.

Officially starting in 2012, Adoublem began as a management solutions company and a personal concierge for businesses. They managed people, projects and processes.

The three main areas were operations, human resources/management and custom designs. Clients would save on hiring new employees and only pay for services when they used them. It was a simple and successful (win-win) business model.

Adoublem interests leaned towards design and they began taking on more complex design and branding projects as the years went by. Today they work almost solely in this area and are sought out for their expertise.

Besides their expert in-house design team, Adoublem is also part of a committed network of partners. Designers, photographers, writers, developers – all working together for the success of your business.

My name is Anita and I am the owner of Adoublem, Welcome! It was my goal to create a company that offered exceptional results for our clients, incorporated positive people to work with & that provided outstanding customer service each time. Happily I’ve done just that!

Adoublem is located in the Greater Philadelphia Area in Pennsylvania and we work with clients throughout the United States. It is our hope that our company will become a valued business resource to you.

I spent over two decades working in management for corporations like Microsoft & retail companies like Estée Lauder with responsibilities for organizations from 10 people to over 100. I became an expert in Microsoft software and design. In 2006 I designed & developed The Popcorn Suite, a gourmet food & popcorn business which grew to be a successful company from the ground up. The Popcorn Suite was seen on The Rachael Ray Show, Fortune Small Business Magazine, and CNNMoney.com. The Popcorn Suite was also part of the red carpet VIP gift area for The Teen Choice Awards, The Golden Globes, The Sundance Film Festival and had regular celebrity customers.

As fellow entrepreneurs, we take our business and your projects very seriously. We treat every client with the respect they deserve, and the work they bring with the utmost care & careful attention to detail.

I was fortunate to have several important business mentors in my life, four in particular. The combination of what I learned from these four individuals (I must put this in a book one day!) and the years I put their wisdom into practice added tremendously to my experiences. It was in part because of lessons I learned from them and years of hard work, that I created Adoublem.

In contrast to the mentors I just mentioned, I also worked for less-than-perfect companies (being nice 🙂) & managers which led me to better understand what makes a person or a company successful and what can make them fail.


Our mission is to go above and beyond our client’s expectations. We aim to deliver exceptional results and an unrivaled personalized experience, always going that extra mile. We are committed to the notion that quality matters, bringing you only the very best.

I would love to hear from you. Contact me any time! –Anita