Bar Harbor Vacation

Bar Harbor Vacation

It’s been a challenging couple of years for us so planning, and then going on our Bar Harbor vacation was a much needed break. We had never planned a trip to Bar Harbor before (though we have been to Maine) and we didn’t know what to expect. Turns out it was more than we expected. It was beautiful! It was rustic, laid back and outdoorsy. It was east-coast-chic, quaint and (very!) picturesque. (Did I mention…

Instruction Video for Windows 10

Save the desktop background slide(s) in one folder on your computer and then select this folder when you set up the backgrounds on your computer (under display settings). If you’re not sure how to set this up, scroll below for our quick tutorial for Windows 10. Or you can search YouTube for tutorials on setting up your desktop background slideshow and the lock-screen slideshow. Contact us if you have additional questions, we are happy to help. Click here…


It’s hard to shut business things down for the weekend, but ignoring self care can cause even more problems. Besides exercise, healthy foods, rest, baths, and yoga – going out to dinner with family or friends can be just as wonderful! On this Sunday early evening, we went to a great restaurant in Devon, PA called Terrain.

Inspired WorkSpaces

If you’re looking, you can find beauty most everywhere. Adoublem focuses on beautifying the space around us when we are creating. All creative entrepreneurs encounter creative-block from time to time, right? When this would happen to us, we would look for what we called Inspired WorkSpaces. We would change our environment, or make our current workspace more beautiful. It was as simple as using a brand-new mug, or lighting a candle in the middle of…

Resource: How to write for success while running a business

I’m not a writer. I am an entrepreneur running a business. But several years ago I stumbled on a transforming website. I was reading comments on someone’s blog post about web design (what my actual business is about!) and someone mentioned they liked Jeff Goin’s simple design on his website. Several other people also commented the same thing so I had to go find out for myself. I went to to check it out….