EXECUTIVE PRESENTATION. This presentation was created for a product company marketing a sleep apnea solution. To learn more about Adoublem Management Solutions and the services we offer, visit the homepage here.

Does This Sound Familiar?

You’re having a very busy year, running from one task to the next, sometimes barely stopping to look up (or even exhale!).  The important thing is that business is up.  And your favorite season – fall – is officially here!  This time of year typically brings in more business as everyone is back from summer vacations.  You notice the pace starting to increase. The phone keeps ringing but you can’t get to all of your…

The Work Life Manifesto: Say Goodbye to Your Crazy Boss For Good

The idea for The Work Life Manifesto came from a blog post I wrote earlier this year. It was about saying thank you in the workplace and it was a popular topic on social media. It always struck me as strange that in personal relationships when someone is with an abusive partner, friends & family insist the person being abused leave immediately. But when the hostile environment is in the workplace, the opposite holds true. People don’t believe…