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This week we headed to Harrisburg, PA. I wasn’t going to go with Dan because I had much to do, but then I thought “why not?”. Off we went. I dropped Dan off at his appointment and headed over to Little Amps Coffee Shop in a part of the city called “Old Uptown”. I found this highly-rated gem on Yelp on the drive over. It was a beautiful, sunny day and the place was perfectly quaint and cozy. They had excellent coffee and a great vibe in the place. It was an ideal place to rework my ‘About’ page while sipping delicious, dark coffee drinks.

In the afternoon, I picked Dan up from his appointment and we were off to lunch. He was sure we were having sushi (he found a place he loved earlier in the week) but I had something else in mind. :-) (Dan is very accommodating but perhaps he secretly resents when I tag along. lol.)

I found this adorable little creperie (also on Yelp) just around the corner and I really wanted to go. Normally we would grab something quick for lunch and not stop to eat inside (and Dan had another appointment to get to), but this place was calling us (well…me) inside. Take a look at the pictures of the outside (above & below) – tell me, who can resist this? Who?

With lovely French music in the background we had front-row seats to watch as our crepes were being made. We got three (I know, I know, but they were too good!). First up was the savory ‘chicken, tomato, homemade pesto sauce and mozzarella’ crepe, recommended by the chef. It was excellent! Next was my favorite one, the ‘brie and jam’crepe – OMG! For that moment it was the love of my life (don’t judge me). I know it’s a simple choice, but it was perfectly made! Last, we had the ‘Belgium dark chocolate and banana’ crepe. 10 out of 10!

I got a lot of work done on the way to Harrisburg and back. Dan makes one call after another (sorry D, but you do 🙂) and I work from the passenger seat with my small laptop desk and computer. Bella came with us as she usually does. I walked her around Old Uptown before going into Little Amps. She’s gotten used to all our trips and she’s the perfect 4-legged passenger!

Thanks for reading along on our day’s outing. Let me know where you’ve been working/spending your days lately (I can’t wait to hear!).

Best, A.

Sii Tu.


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