Does This Sound Familiar?

You’re having a very busy year, running from one task to the next, sometimes barely stopping to look up (or even exhale!).  The important thing is that business is up.  And your favorite season – fall – is officially here!  This time of year typically brings in more business as everyone is back from summer vacations.  You notice the pace starting to increase. The phone keeps ringing but you can’t get to all of your clients because you are buried under a pile of post-it notes and to-do lists that drive you nuts!

You take a deep breath, arm yourself with a frothy salted caramel mocha and hope to catch up but it’s now October and you can’t keep up with everything.

You want to do your best but it’s hard when you feel rushed and dissatisfied.  When you set out to own your own business this isn’t what you imagined.

Christmas decorations in the stores . . . already?  You start to worry.  This means the holidays are just around the corner and this year you’ll need some help to take care of the corporate gift giving.  Come to think of it, you wish you had someone to plan & book your client holiday party too.  The holiday season reminds you that you haven’t confirmed your booth yet at the national trade show slated for early January!  Where does the time go?  Who in the world is going to take care of the trade show, not to mention work the booth during the show?  Then, it dawns on you that once the trade show is over new customers will be visiting your website.  That would be great news except for the fact that your website is barely functional, with comic sans font (say it isn’t so!) and a small picture of Marmaduke – yes, the comic strip dog – in the corner of every page.  Why Marmaduke you ask?  Easy.  The former web designer  you hired thought it would be funny since you have a Great Dane.  Yeah, no one else thought it was funny either.  But you spent more than you budgeted for that “custom design” so you left it the way it was, barely acknowledging you had a website . . . and wondering what all the fuss was about having an online presence. If you want to know why an effective website is so important – just ask your most successful competitor!  Thinking back, you hired that web designer on the basis that you thought he was a nice guy who spoke a lot about html and php coding which you took to mean he was an expert.  But he wasn’t an expert when it came to you or your business.  The comic sans should have given it away.  You reckon it’s time to let go of the discomfort of thinking about your website and, momentarily, you do feel better. That is until you remember that no one has updated your social media or posted a blog post for your company blog in a long time (you don’t even remember how to access your blog or LinkedIn account anymore!).

Sipping on your now cold mocha you daydream if only there was a “magic” company out there who understood your business goals and could take many projects like these off your hands so you could focus on your clients (the way you set out to do).  Since this is wishful thinking, you wish this company would also care about your customers as much as you do.

You think this doesn’t exist? That you don’t have the time to find this magical assistance?

Don’t feel overwhelmed by the thought of having to call five or more different companies to get the help you need (who wants to deal with five different contact people and five different “this is the way things are done” conversations?).

Come on . . . lift your chin up.  Let me show you that you have the time and . . .

There is a better way.

Adoublem is your one point of contact to support your business.  We work closely with you and become a strategic partner that will (very quickly!) know the ins and outs of your business. We are specialists in our clients’ companies – we learn who your competitors are and find out what makes your company tick.  If you worked with several different companies to handle your daily operational tasks, corporate gifts, web design and so forth, you would have to try to get this information across to each of them (can you say frustrating, annoying, expensive?).  Because we place a premium on understanding your company we do more than handle your projects – we provide you with valuable insights into running your business and useful recommendations every step of the way.  Watch your projects get done faster and more accurately because of the knowledge and passion of our experienced Adoublem staff.

At Adoublem we have experts in the business areas you need. We’re poised and ready to help you succeed. We have trained: Excel and Word experts and experienced assistants ready to handle your operational needs; management consultants prepared to train your team to take you to the next level; and creative designers and web experts that not only have an eye for design, they’re part of the team that will understand your business and your customers (promise, no Marmadukes!).  The best part?  All of these experts work together and regularly communicate with each other to make sure you get amazing service and MAGICAL results every time!

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