Inspired WorkSpaces

If you’re looking, you can find beauty most everywhere. Adoublem focuses on beautifying the space around us when we are creating. All creative entrepreneurs encounter creative-block from time to time, right? When this would happen to us, we would look for what we called Inspired WorkSpaces. We would change our environment, or make our current workspace more beautiful. It was as simple as using a brand-new mug, or lighting a candle in the middle of the day. One time I spent an hour searching for a new pen to buy. I bought the perfect one and it was enough to get me excited to get to work the next day.

My husband and I travel a lot (well, before 2020), most of the time it is to the Northeast/New England area. Instead of working in a hotel room, I look for cozy coffee houses and libraries in the towns we visit. Without doing this, I would have missed out on the many great places I went to and the wonderful people I met.

My environment is important to me. It’s actually part of creating (you too?). Adding flowers to my table, or setting up a new desktop background for the computer. These things matter to me. And talking to other women entrepreneurs, they matter to a lot of you too.

Of course, this takes effort. I am guilty of wanting to stay in pjs and work like that all day. I had to (and still have to sometimes) drag myself out of the house. I didn’t want the life of pjs and ice cream, so I made the effort. :-)

Beauty is found in the most awe-inspiring things like sunsets and nature. And it is also found in the simplest things like a coffee shop on a rainy day, or typing outside with your feet in the grass. Whatever environment you create in, if you look for it, beauty will be there.

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