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I’m not a writer. I am an entrepreneur running a business. But several years ago I stumbled on a transforming website. I was reading comments on someone’s blog post about web design (what my actual business is about!) and someone mentioned they liked Jeff Goin’s simple design on his website. Several other people also commented the same thing so I had to go find out for myself. I went to to check it out. It was a great design for a writer – simple and clean. But I found so much more. I started reading what Jeff had to say and I related to it so much! I realized being a writer and being an entrepreneur are not that different really – they both involve marketing yourself, communicating with your audience and yes, writing.

Since that first day I have become an active follower of Jeff Goins. I consider him a mentor. I have a handful of online mentors – a small group of leaders who have shaped the course of my business (I will put these resources into another post soon, promise!).  I have read his books and taken his courses which have changed everything about my business! They taught me to find my own audience, my tribe. I hated the idea of the pushy-type of marketing and swore I would never do it. It was not me and not authentic. That’s why finding this resource changed my business. I could relax and just be me. What a concept!

The most important thing these resources taught me was how to find my purpose and my own voice. I can now write authentically and I know I will reach the people I need to.

Reading blogs is part of my job, I see so many people post what they think people want them to say…not what they want to say. Then they get no online engagement and can’t figure out why. Their solution? Repeat the process over and over.  This is the biggest mistake they are making but they don’t even know it! 

Jeff’s course, Tribe Writers, only opens 2 times a year and it is open right now.

Here’s some information about it…

Every successful writer has an audience. It’s just that simple. If you’re not getting the attention your writing deserves, then what you need is a tribe.

Best-selling author Jeff Goins knows this better than most.

He’s personally coached over 6,000 writers in how to build a tribe, and this week he’s opening registration for his popular course, Tribe Writers.

This is a course Jeff teaches only twice a year, so now is the time to get in. If you’ve been promising yourself that you’re going to be a writer “someday,” today is that day.

Tribe Writers will help you:

  • Identify your writing voice and clarify your message.
  • Build a platform by mastering the art of blogging and online marketing.
  • Find your 1000 true fans through email list-building and networking.
  • Publish your work and start making your first $1000 as a writer.

It’s time to stop procrastinating, find your tribe, and get your message out there.

Click here to enroll now.

So, whether you are a writer (or an aspiring writer!) or an entrepreneur, please take a look if you want to increase your online engagement exponentially and learn to write authentically. It changed my business in only positive ways (life-changing ways!) and I know it would do the same for you.

You can also download Jeff’s Writer’s Roadmap here: Get the FREE Writer’s Roadmap here. (Trust me, it is excellent!)

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