Introducing The Bianca Winter Desktop & Mobile Collection

This collection includes ten individual, custom-designed desktop backgrounds (each sold separately), plus seven coordinating mobile wallpapers (also sold separately, see below), perfect to put you in good, productive place for the New Year. As this new year begins, make yourself and reaching your goals a top priority. When you do this, other things will fall in place they way they should. Whether working on a lap-desk wrapped in a cozy blanket this January, or sipping on a hot cup of tea – find a peaceful place to create or do what you love. Most of all, remember to be exactly who you are!

Demo of our current Collection. Transitions in the video are for illustration purposes only.

In addition to using these pictures as desktop backgrounds, you can also use them for your computer ‘lock-screen’ slideshow (recommended!). I am a believer of using the lock-screen option on my computer. I also use several coordinating wallpapers on my phone. I started creating these years ago when I was working in a downtown office. It was one way to make me feel better being at my desk all day (and it worked!). Today I create custom-designed, coordinating seasonal backgrounds and wallpapers – still for myself, but more importantly now, for you!

Regardless of where I am or what I’m working on – these backgrounds, some with inspiring or funny quotes, put me in a better mood and make me feel better. It’s a simple thing, but it always works.

Tip: Save the desktop background slide(s) in one folder on your computer and then select this folder when you set up the backgrounds on your computer (under display settings). If you’re not sure how to set this up, click here for our quick tutorial. Or you can search YouTube for tutorials on setting up your desktop background slideshow and the lock-screen slideshow. Contact us if you have additional questions, we are happy to help.

The 2021 Bianca Winter Collection

Desktop Backgrounds $3.50 each, Mobile Wallpapers $2.50 each

the BIANCA collection desktop Backgrounds

the BIANCA collection mobile Wallpapers

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