It’s a Starbucks and wine kind of day

It was an early Tuesday afternoon in February and heard the garage door open from upstairs.

It was Dan coming home from a short business trip. I knew he would soon come inside, give me and Bella a kiss (best part!) and then go straight to his desk and back to work. Being on the road was good for making phone calls, but didn’t help Dan with all the other work piling up while he was away.

I, on the other hand, needed to recharge and get of the house. I wanted company so I (somehow) convinced Dan to come with me to work at a local Starbucks (a brand new one, 5 minutes away).

It was a cold day outside and we managed to get seats in a cozy corner with a hot chai latte for Dan and a skinny cordusio mocha (try it sometime, it is excellent!) for me. The time spent here ended up being very productive and we both got a lot of work done.

On Instagram I noticed a winery which recently opened was offering cheese boards now. Well, that meant we had to go, right? Of course! We meant to stay for a half-hour but stayed over an hour chatting with the manager, enjoying a wine sampling and the cheeseboard. This moment reminded me of a quote:

Take time to do what makes your soul happy.
– Unknown

It took me years to figure out I need to slow down sometimes and enjoy life along the way. It was a great way to unwind and to celebrate Dan coming home!

Then it was back home to work again. This particular night I was working on two projects. First up was putting the final details in a PowerPoint sales presentation for a client. I didn’t have much to do because a team member had already developed and designed the whole thing, and they did an incredible job! Next, I started developing a color and font board for a new website Adoublem would be designing.

We all know it takes a lot of long work hours to be an entrepreneur. The work is rewarding but hard. Having the benefit of a flexible schedule, being able to work wherever and whenever, is one of the greatest gifts in the crazy life of a creative.

Snuggled on the couch at the end of the day working, with Dan and Bella by my side, it was a good day.

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