The Work Life Manifesto: Say Goodbye to Your Crazy Boss For Good

The idea for The Work Life Manifesto came from a blog post I wrote earlier this year. It was about saying thank you in the workplace and it was a popular topic on social media.

It always struck me as strange that in personal relationships when someone is with an abusive partner, friends & family insist the person being abused leave immediately. But when the hostile environment is in the workplace, the opposite holds true. People don’t believe it’s really happening, or they tell you to stick it out or the worst one, they say “that’s just the way it is at work”.

But why do we accept this?

We typically work 40 or more hours a week in the U.S. which is more time than people spend with their families each week. When our work environment is hostile it can affect everything about our life. I’ve heard too many stories of people’s depression, their overeating or losing hope, even suicidal thoughts. It should not be this way.

Now, I’m not talking about a challenging job or long hours – I’m talking about manipulative, counter-productive, unstable bosses who make you miserable! You know, the ones who need to mess with people’s heads just to make themselves feel important.

I can remember one job where customers would approach me & other staff members to tell us how rude the general manager was. Sometimes he was rude to their face, other times they witnessed him yelling at the staff or snapping at shoppers in the store.

He had a habit of humming aggressively when he was being passive-aggressive. This bothered the staff of course, but it went too far when customers were routinely bringing it up.

One customer stopped shopping with us but had to come in for a quick return one day. She said she used to shop at our store 1-2 times a month but now she only shopped at this brand when she would visit her daughter in Virginia – but she lived in Pennsylvania! What wasted sales for this company! I would reply my usual line of “I’m so sorry you had to experience this…he’s not typically like that…”. But the sad truth was this is exactly the way he was and nothing could be done about it.

In his mind everything revolved around him and he often hired miserable people just like himself (how lovely). A few employees saw the light and six managers left in a row because of him, but the corporate office hid their head in the sand and still did nothing about it.

How many times have you heard a story about someone’s “crazy” boss or work environment? I bet many times. These stories are relatable and funny when looking back, but when someone is dealing with it in the present, it can be overwhelming. It can take the life out of the happiest person on earth!

This is what The Work Life Manifesto is all about.

It is about removing yourself from an unhealthy workplace and believing in your God-given talents enough to forge another path for yourself.

The good news is these experiences, though negative, can teach us a lot about ourselves and what we will do when we are faced with these adversities. Will we bury our head and spend the rest of our life complaining or will we do something about it?

The silver lining is that most entrepreneurs can pinpoint the exact moment they started creating their business or writing their book because of a bad work experience. Working with crazy people has a way of motivating us, doesn’t it?

This manifesto is a call for us to use the good & bad experiences in our lives to lead us to where we’re meant to go.

Click here to get a free copy of “The Work Life Manifesto: Say Goodbye to Your Crazy Boss for Good”.

It’s a short story that will take less than 10 minutes to read.

After reading it, stop back & share your own stories on the topic! Do you have a “crazy” workplace story you can share? It’s good to laugh about it & get these things off our chest, don’t you think? I would love to hear what you have to say!


  • Hi Anita,

    Good to be over at your blog :)

    Loved all that you mentioned. Yes, life isn’t easy for those who are working round the clock and have bosses over their heads all the time! I am so glad I am out of the rut and took up to writing and blogging, and there’s been no looking back. I guess you need to take that one step to believing in your abilities and move out to better venues if you believe you can, isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead :)

    • Hi Harleena – I couldn’t agree with you more. My hope is more people will take that one step and change their story. You are a perfect example of this – a beautiful person and a true success story! I am so happy you stopped by – thank you for your comment.

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